REHIS Food Hygiene Training Courses

ROHSS are registered with REHIS to deliver the following REHIS Food Hygiene Training Courses.


Introduction to Food Hygiene

The REHIS Introduction to Food Hygiene Course is an non examined pre-employment food hygiene awareness course aimed primarily at food handlers entering the food industry for the first time. The course is also suitable for staff who have an ancillary food handling role, for example, portering staff and staff who distribute pre plated meals, but whose primary function is not that of a food handler.


The syllabus aims to raise awareness of the key food hygiene issues in the catering sector of the food industry. The basic syllabus may be adapted to meet the needs of new food handlers entering other sectors.


The course syllabus is designed to meet the initial training requirements of the Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practice and this course should be taken by new food handlers before being allowed to start work for the first time and before progressing to the formal training recommendations of the Industry Guides, eg, The REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Course.


Elementary Food Hygiene

This Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate will provide food handlers and businesses with the necessary information to control food safety hazards and if applied correctly will reduce food complaints and the risk of food poisoning. 

The course covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to food hygiene
  • Bacteria and their characteristics
  • Food poisoning and it’s prevention
  • Food pests and their control
  • Personal hygiene and working habits
  • The working environment and cleaning practices
  • Food safety legislation

Hazard analysis and the implementation of food safety systems based on HACCP principles is incorporated into the course content.

At the end of this course there is a short multiple-choice test.

All successful candidates receive a REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene certificate

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